DEI progress through storytelling


What We Do

We help you grow an authentic culture, where DEI serves as the foundation, to attract, retain, celebrate, and innovate for success.


How We Do It

We use real life storytelling to drive change and grow empathy for experiences which built the person you are and many of the “whys” behind your beliefs and behaviors.


Brand Positioning in the DEI

Our process seeks to assess your current brand positioning in the DEI sphere.
Our team working in partnership with your internal partners creates a DEI Values report of recommendations and prescribed process. In this report essential required tools and resources are identified with matched up with appropriate stakeholders. The next few steps include conducting Change Management readiness talks with key team members, providing open door opportunities for team members to provide input and or address concerns.
How we do it?

Our process is both analytical and emotive in nature, as we seek to strike the balance between providing data-based initiative while taking into cognizance the human element.

Document current brands DEI internal position.
Understand and articulate your current brands DEI market reputation.
Opportunity areas/gaps/needs within your current program and or requirements to develop one.
Work with your team to lay down the foundation of a DEI culture with the company providing the necessary brand right tools for brand communication elements such as websites/ APP to Digital marketing messaging to internal elements encompassing leadership mentoring and staff readiness training to DEIB sustainability.

Long-Term Success

Open and Honest Dialogue

Our approach will be to tap into all forms of appropriate tools and methods to help each organization. Knowing and general pattern of likes and dislikes within a team can arm us with tools to break the ice for real.

Create a Pool of Facilitators

We will use our range of contacts to create a pool of facilitators who are brought in as needed and based to the specific brands assessed needs. This way we have a core team and then a deeper pool of subject matter experts who can come in and facilitate an area.

Ensure the Long-Term Success

We will have the added advantage of being able to not only help to identify, capture, build and sustain, but also to develop the tools to ensure the long-term success.


A culture where an authentic individual within a group is safe, respected, and valued placing them at their best advantage to reach their full potential.

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